Weavers Hut

The Weavers Hut is a social impact business based in the rural area of Mbazwana, along the beautiful Northern Coastline of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Working in an area rich in Zulu tradition and values, our focus is on sustainable job creation through the micro manufacturing of hand-woven bags and rugs using traditional weaving looms.

The Weavers Hut is passionate about social upliftment, we firmly believe that through job creation, every rural women, who is usually a single and vulnerable parent, can feel empowered - an opportunity to feel good about themselves and good about what they do.

Daughters born into Zulu families are taught to weave from an early age. Women and young girls are naturally skilled in the art of weaving mats and baskets using the natural grasses which grows abundantly in our wetlands. With the introduction of 100% pure wool yarn, 100% leather and hand operated weaving looms, these amazing women are now producing high quality, durable hand-woven bags and rugs.

"The More We Sell
The More Jobs We Create"


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