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We deliver worldwide

All purchases at present are sent by Global Express Shipping using the services of Post Net South Africa. Please note that the delivery time of the items purchased on the website www.weavershut.com could take up to 10-14 days after you place the order for Southern African countries and up to 20-25 days for International shipping. Normally we process the orders the day after you place an order.

Online track and trace at www.aramex.com



Domestic Parcels

*Free delivery for purchases more than R1500.00 within South Africa

Speed Mail

Price: R208+

Weight: under 5kg


Ordinary Parcel

Price: R44.60 for the first kg.
       R6 for each extra kg

Weight: over 1kg



International Postage - Parcels / Boxes

Asia Pacific & Canada

(Zone F)
Includes Australia, Canada, China, Japan & New Zealand.

Airmail: R145 base rate
- plus-
R23 for every 100g

Surface mail: R141 base rate
- plus-
R4 for every 100g


Americas & the Caribbean

(Zone E)
Includes the USA.

Airmail: R151 base rate
- plus-
R26 for every 100g

Surface mail: R151 base rate
- plus-
R6 for every 100g


Europe, Russian Federation & former USSR states

(Zone D)
Includes Austria, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Holland & Switzerland.

Airmail: R203 base rate
- plus-
R70 for every 100g

Surface mail: R192 base rate
- plus-
R4 for every 100g


Northern Africa & the Middle East

(Zone C)
Includes Israel, Nigeria and Ghana.

Airmail: R197 base rate
- plus-
R18 for every 100g

Surface mail: R183 base rate
- plus-
R5 for every 100g


Angola, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, Réunion, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe

(Zone B)

Airmail: R197 base rate
- plus-
R5 for every 100g

Surface mail: R197 base rate
- plus-
R3 for every 100g


Botswana, Comoros, Kenya, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Ascension & St Helena

(Zone A)

Airmail: R133 base rate
- plus-
R4 for every 100g

Surface mail: R127 base rate
- plus-
R2 for every 100g

Order Online

order online

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