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“The More We Sell The More Jobs We Create

gugu setting up loom

weavers workshopWhat we do…..

We are a social impact business with a focus on sustainable job creation through the micro manufacturing of hand-woven bags and rugs using traditional weaving looms.

Our bags and carpets are 100% handmade, 100% natural wool and 100 % leather, ensuring an attractive, durable product of high quality.

Our aim:   To be a profitable social enterprise creating and growing sustainable job opportunities to empower rural woman so that they will become responsible, active citizens of their own communities.

afri bagWhere we are….

The Weavers Hut operates from an area called Mbazwana, which falls under the Mbila Traditional Authority which is a form of leadership based on Zulu traditions and custom.

The Weavers Hut workshop is tucked behind the dunes of the North Coast (Maputuland) and is close to Sodwana Bay, one of South Africa’s premier scuba diving and deep sea fishing destinations.

autumn ethnicWhat we make…….

We currently offer two products: Bags and Rugs


Our bags, branded “Afri Bag” are fun and funky but practical. These bags have two components to them:

The main component of the “Afri Bag” (the fabric) is hand- woven using 100% pure wool for the weft and a polycotton for the warp. The woven fabric is light weight fabric suitable for bag making.

The second component to the “Afri Bag” is 100% genuine leather.

The finishes are good quality.  These bags will last you many years.

autumn ethnicRugs:

The rugs are woven in 100% pure wool weft and 100% Cotton Warp.  We buy our wool from a professional dye-house which is mothproofed and colourfast treated.

Our designs are influenced by classical African motifs, as well as geometric and contemporary designs.

The rugs are entirely hand-woven using a very tight flat weave. This guarantees the product of highest quality and durability, resulting in years of hardwearing service. The rugs can be hand-washed, dry-cleaned or vacuumed.

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